Charter Fishing (Big And Small Game Tours)

Whether you live in California, Florida or Hawaii many people have not experienced the thrill and excitement of ocean fishing. Many think of fishing as boring and unadventurous. Shore fishing is what comes to most peoples mind and the picture of one standing for hours on end tossing a fishing rod into the water and retrieving it repeatedly with no catch.

Face it, how many fish live near the shoreline? A good amount! but I wouldnt say alot, so to be where the fish are you need to be in the water away from land where the depths of the water are greater and the underwater landscape is more abundant.

Dont get me wrong though we are talking about salt water fishing in the ocean and not a lake or riverbed, because the later type of fishing is totally different. Im talking about ocean fishing at its best and funnest, yes a relaxing trip just a couple miles out to sea where the fish bite more frequent and the views of land and horizon are breathtaking.

Charter fishing but for small game is a new concept that targets those who are not into hard core big game fishing but rather for those that want to cast a line and catch something they wouldn’t catch while trolling from land.

Small Game Ocean fishing is fun because the whole focus is not only fishing but having a good time while enjoying a short 2 hr boat ride with family and friends. Depending on the time of year you might see humpback whales, dolphins and sea turtles.

Big game charter entails a 6 hour trip out to sea that can be too long for most people and costing almost one thousand dollars. The prices for small game chartering is only $60 per person.

I encourage you to be fun and adventurous and search for the nearest small game ocean charter company. If you reside in Hawaii or are coming on vacation then that company would be Go Fishing Hawaii located on the North Shore of Oahu Hawaii. you can visit them here

Source by Issac Soren

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